The JFW Program

What's included in the JFW?

Team & Concept

Filmmaking is a team sport. Each team will have its very own Israeli PA, and will work together through all stages of the process, from developing the concept (as part of a predetermined theme, set by the JFW) to fine-tuning the final product. You will have one specific and constant role in the production: Director, producer, cinematographer or editor.

Mentors & Masterclasses

In addition to a variety of masterclasses led by prominent figures in the Israeli film industry, you will develop a close relationship with the workshop’s mentors - award winning Israeli filmmakers - through all stages of the workshop. In accordance with your relevant field, you’ll boost your skills in scriptwriting, cinematography, editing, production and directing.

Shoot in Magical Locations

Portrating a documentary character will take you to places you never imagined. So while getting to know authentic depths of life in Jerusalem, you will also visit one of the world's wonders, the Dead Sea, where you can float on water. You will also get the opportunity to rest and travel through Israel without a film on your mind...

Editing & Post Production

While the team’s director and editor will be busy editing - with the intimate help of the mentors - the team’s producer and cinematographer will have more professional masterclasses and learning experiences. Each team will have sessions at a color grading studio (Edit studios) and a sound studio (DB studios), to reach a truly professional product.

International Festivals Screenings

Participants will be given VIP entry into the International Jerusalem Film Festival. Also, the world premiere of your film in this acclaimed festival, would only be the starting point. Green Productions would be in charge of distribution, and through our strong partnerships with festivals all around the globe, we guarantee many exciting screenings of your creation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dates and costs

What are program dates for the JFW 2019?

The program will run from Sunday, June 30th - until Thursday, August 1st. The JFW 2019's films will be having their festive premiere at The Jerusalem Film Festival on Wednesday, July 31st.

How many participants will be accepted to the JFW 2019?

Once the selection committee completes its process, 24 of the very best young filmmakers of the world will be invited to participate.

If I am selected, what is the cost of the program?

The cost for one participant is 3920 USD. This includes the complete JFW experience and film making process, including the post-production (sound and color grading) and the film's distribution. It does not include airfare.

Are there any costs involved in the application process?

No. You will not be required to pay anything or give any payment information during the selection process, application is 100% free. The first time you will be required to make a formal commitment would be if and when you are notified about being selected for the program.

Can I get college credit for the workshop?

Many universities and colleges will accredit the time you spend with us, and the films you make. Please be in touch with them directly to ascertain their requirements. Remember, you will walk away with one documentary to add to your portfolio, as well as a certificate of participation.

Student Life

Where will we live?

You will have your own private room, in a fully equipped apartment, shared with only 2 friends. The building is located at the Katamonim neighbourhood, at the address Yossi Ben Yo'ezer 34, Jerusalem. During the year it is the home of the Aardvark Isreal community, and during the summer it is 100% Jerusalem Film Workshop.

Where will we study?

We will have the whole building just to ourselves! Including a cool clubhouse where we'll do most of our masterclasses and exercises. To spice things up, we'll also be studying in a beautiful place called "Alliance", designated specifically for Jerusalemite artists. Best part about it? Right next to the famous Jerusalem Market ("Mahne Yuda"). While providing all the facilities you'll need - this would also be a perfect place to meet new local friends who share an artistic passion.

How many meals are included?

We provide two full meals a day, breakfast and lunch. For dinner you can try one of the neverending places around, or use the hostel's fully equipped kitchen and dining spaces. A lot of great places to eat in the Jerusalem market, be prepared...

What about the weekends?

Weekends at the JFW are completely free, you can go crazy on the land of Israel wherever and with whoever you'd like. You are also welcome to stay at the hostel - you have a home in Jerusalem all through the program. One weekend will be dedicated to an Onward Israel Seminar - a great way to discover new and fascinating communities in other parts of Israel.

Will there be a contact person for me after graduation?

We highly value our alumnis. Even after the workshop is over, you will always have a friend here at Green Productions, to help you with every professional assistance you may need.


What is the age limit for the program?

The JFW is for 19-27 year old filmmakers.

Do I need to know Hebrew to participate in JFW?

All JFW activities are run entirely in English, so you do not need to know a word of Hebrew to get by. Regardless, if you'd be interested, we'd be happy to provide a 100% free Hebrew course (online), thanks to our partners at Onward Israel.

I do not identify as Jewish. Is this program still relevant for me?

Yes! Israel is a fascinating place for everyone, not only for those who identify as Jewish. Come and learn more about this melting pot of cultures and religions - and catch it all on camera.

What kind of previous experience should I have in order to get the best out of the workshop?

The workshop is relevant for people with a background in filmmaking – whether for film students (active or graduates) or those with a proven professional background. The active process of creating a short film here in Israel will enhance your skills, expand your resumé and advance your professional career.

Do I need to do something in order to distribute the film?

Green Productions takes care of all your distribution needs, making sure you will have many festival screenings around the world.

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